Sunday, November 18, 2007


Dear All,
This will be the last post on this blogpost. I am transferring over my blog to a friend of mine who will continue posting his experiences with different survey sites just like me, maybe more frequently than me. I have to leave country for a while and so I have to take this decision. My friend will continue posting his views and suggestions on : and I request you all to save this page as one of your favorites as I am sure you will have many nice ideas as well as more survey sites from him. I hope you guys and gals have profited from my views on this post and have found sites from which you can make small amount of money every month in exchange of your time and thoughts. I wish you have the same experience with this new blog.
Thank you for your trust and have fun while making money.
Survey dude

Monday, September 10, 2007

A new invitation from Alphabuzz

Hi all,

This is a new invitation that I received from alphabuzz.

"I am a Research Coordinator for AlphaBuzz. I am contacting you about an interesting one on one interview we are conducting on internet financial services. If you qualify you will be invited to participate in a 45 min one on one interview on Thurs, Sept 20th with times during the day and evening in NYC.Qualified participants will be offered $100 to thank them for their time and input. As always, these are strictly for market research and no sales attempt will ever be made as a result of participating.

In order to speed up the process so you can plan your time I am asking all interested respondents to email me answers to the following questions.
1. A good daytime and evening telephone where you may be reached?
2. The city in which you live?

3. The name of your banking institution(s)?

4. Do you own your home or rent? "

If anyone is interested in this study please e-mail at

Sunday, September 09, 2007

NEW YORKERS! The Wait is Over

This post of interest specially to New Yorkers. In my last blog I had briefly mentioned about a local company of New York that recruits local people like you and may to participate in 60-90 minutes focus groups, or surveys and pays you handsomely for your opinions if you qualify and participate at their local center in Downtown NY. The company is .

This company sends you 1-2 emails weekly asking you to answers different questions based on the studies that they are conducting. If you qualify they call you and set a date as per our convenience and ask you to come down to their centers for product review, or focus group or discussion. The last time I went I was given two products and was asked to review them and perform certain set functions on them. The review went on for almost 60 min and at the end of 60 minutes I was paid 200$. I went there at around 8 and was back to work by 10.00. Did not have to take day off from work and made a quick $ 200. The remuneration is decent anywhere from $ 100-200/hr and their study are interesting too. I cannot discuss specifics of the studies as I am bound by privacy clause but let me tell you one thing, this site is worth trying out. Now all you have to do is click on the link above or cut and paste it on your browser, which will direct you to their home-page. Once on the home-page click on the option "Join our Database" on the extreme right-hand corner, fill out the information and wait for their invitation in your e-mail. Simple.
Those of you who cannot join or do not want to give out information on any sites, what I can do is when they sent me e-mail, I can post the study invitation here on my blog with reply e-mail address because they do ask if I know anybody who would qualify or be interested in participating and if so I can forward the e-mail to them. So you can go through the study and if interested only then you can write to them. So wait till I get my next invitation and those of you who cannot just go to the site and join. Have fun. Don't forget to tell me your experiences.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summary for the month of August

End of August is near, which means spring is officially over and autumn is about to begin. The leaves haven't started to change their color yet but its about time.We people in New York saw this change much earlier, as in it has been pouring/drizzling/pouring for past few days indicating spring days are over. So with this change I decided to change something in my blog too. From this month onwards, at or around the end of every month I am thinking of actually mentioning a summary of what I have earned from the survey sites in previous month.

So for the month of August my earnings are:

1)$20 Amazon Gift Certificate
2) Baker solutions (about which I have yet to write): $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
3) $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
4)$20 Check
5) $10 via paypal
6) $50 Check

So I made $120 in TOTAL including cash and gift certificates in the month of August. This is great. This will actually cover my AT&T/Cingular wireless bill of 68$ plus half a week's Grocery ( I usually spend $25/week on grocery, during the summer) and not only that with the $40 in Amazon Gift Certificate I bought a book "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (Hardcover - Oct 17, 2006) for $17 and a dictionary for $10 With free shipping (Super Saver by Amazon) and I still have like $13 balance in my amazon accoung. How much time did I spend to be able to get this much? Honestly 1-1.5 hr/day on an average. I do not want anybody to think that I want this to be my full-time profession. Hell No! This is just some extra cash so that I can surely do things that I like to do without thinking twice about money. You can do so many things with extra money. You can invest this money (which I plan to do sometime in near future), buy books (like I did), get small things every month, shopping, office supplies, pay some bills or save it for an year-end vacation. I know it is not too much cash but a little goes a long way. What do you say?
Next time I talk about one more great site which will be very useful for residents of NY, because this sites calls you for small 60-90 minutes interview and pays like $100/hr for your opinion. A little more about that next week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Rundown of How much I have made from survey sites.

Since I was away for such a long time I decided to write two posts back to back. In this post I decided to actually give you an idea as to how much one can earn by becoming members of some of these survey sites. What I decided to do was to list some of the best survey sites that I have been member of over the past few years and then next to them I have given the amount of money I have made from them. For some of them, which I happen to mention earlier in my blog, I have given you an idea as to whether these were good sites or not and if not then I have provided reasons for the same.These are the sites that regularly send me surveys and I regularly participate in them. The sites are not listed in the order of my preference but you can judge from the money that I have made from each site, which is my preferred one.







Why d/c**
























Useless prize Options
















Req lot of effort.

*I became a member initially in 02/05/2006 but after writing the post on the site I stopped receiving invitations because I changed my e-mail and it seems they somehow do not like that. So I had to close the account and then opened a new one this year.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hello Everyone! I'm back

Dear Readers,
It has been more than an year since my last post. Sorry about that. Actually I was busy with my PhD project and could not focus on updating the blog. Anyways I am back and in action. This past year while I was working on my project, I was simultaneously participating in surveys too. During this year I came across an awesome site, that pays money consistently for your opinions. Out of all the sites that I have mentioned so far, this one is by far the best site that I have ever come across. The name of the site is globaltestmarket . This sites pays you 5 cents for every 1 point that you accumulate. Each survey is worth 50 points at least if you are qualified. Even if you are not qualified it gives you 5 points for your time. I became a member of this site on 12/12/2004 and since then I have accumulated 9000 points which translates to 450$. After accumulating 1000 points you can redeem it for cash and within 6 weeks you get a check for $50. My suggestion to you is to try out this site and see for yourself.