Friday, September 23, 2005

Harris Poll : points are exchanged for prizes

It becomes very disappointing when after 12 days you see that no one has gone through your blog or even glanced at it. But I guess, for a human being, effort should be everything. Results sure are important but one should not put everything on result, so that even if the outcome is not as expected, you do not get a lot of disappointment. That is my philosophy.

Well anyways, people I will not bore you to death with my beliefs and here is the second website which pays for participating in surveys. It gives you points and these points can be redeemed for really cool prizes, items, gadgets and books etc. The site is: Register, participate and let me know if this information was useful and if you do enjoy it and get some cool stuff, please do come back and give me your feedback.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Survey Savvy: First on the list

Dear all,
Like I said this blog is about all the companies that pays you for participating in their survey, I'm writing you to let you know about an exciting community on the Internet - SurveySavvy. I'm a member and it offers you a great opportunity to make a difference and earn money at the same time by taking research surveys online.
To sign up, click on the following link:

If that doesn't work, copy and paste the link into your browser. Join and see the difference. Within 1 week of joining i was invited for a 15 min survey and upon qualification and participation i was paid 9 $ for my time. From that time point onwards I have been receiving atleast 1 survey a week which pays anywhere between 5-20 for your time. More sites you join more money you can make. Well next time I will write about one more website.

Introduction to Survey Blog

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to pass the word around that there are many companies that pays either cash or prizes for taking part in their surveys and it is about these companies, that I wanted to write and discuss.
I would also love to invite reviews and experiences from people who are already aware and participating in such surveys. All suggestions are welcome.
I am new to blogging and so please draw my attention to errors and be gentle.

How did this all start? Last year i.e 2004 in the month of November, I joined a site, ( which had a database of different companies that pays cash or prizes in exchange of our opinions. I am happy to say that whatever I had paid to be a member of this site (29.99 $), I got it back in 3 weeks and after that I have been earning small amounts of cash and lots of cool prizes in exchange of my opinions.

Honestly speaking, initally the money was not that much ($40/month total from different sites) but as the time went by, I got invited and participated in more and more surveys and slowly the money went upto $60-80/month plus some cool prizes as well as products ( like perfumes, juices, choclates, socks etc to name a few) to try. Now, the money is somewhere around $100/month.

I know this amount is not too much, but that is because it is hard to find time (for a full time graduate student like me) to fill out each and every survey that has been sent. But if you have lot of time on hand (for housewives or students or unemployed) then you can use information on this site to your benefit.

The money that I get currently, pays off my grocery and monthly cell phone bills. Also it is a nice opportunity for students like me to earn some extra money in exchange of our opinions. Not many people are aware of it or even if are aware about it are reluctant to pay money to such databases and that is why I decided to start this blog as a favour to students like me.

What I am planning to do is as and when I can I will publish a post with information about a new survey site for FREE(only the ones that have really benefitted me so as to save trouble to others) and provide you a link (as and when possible) for the same. But, since I am new to this blog concept it will take me a while, before I figure out how to post pictures and photos on the site and when I do, I will also post some images of cheques that I have received by participating in this surveys so that everybody can get a real idea about this concept.

That's all I have to say for now. Please review the blog and if you follow my suggestions please do come back and write a comment about how helpful it was and whether you made any money or not.