Saturday, March 18, 2006

My survey pays moolah &/or prizes

Hello everybody,
Sorry everyone for not being able to post any new sites these past 3 months. But was actually working on my PhD proposal and so was little busy. Anyways here is a new site which pays in exchange of points.

The site is : .On this site, you can redeem points for cash or for several cds, gift certificates, or cool items. The minimum number of points required before you can get any prize is 1000 points . For 1000 points you can get a check of $10 or several other above mentioned prizes. I have been member of this site for 1 year now and I have earned like 300$ in total from this site. It is not too big an amount but that is because I have not been able to participate in all the send surveys becuase of the school. But you guys try it out and let me know the experience.