Friday, May 04, 2007

Hello Everyone! I'm back

Dear Readers,
It has been more than an year since my last post. Sorry about that. Actually I was busy with my PhD project and could not focus on updating the blog. Anyways I am back and in action. This past year while I was working on my project, I was simultaneously participating in surveys too. During this year I came across an awesome site, that pays money consistently for your opinions. Out of all the sites that I have mentioned so far, this one is by far the best site that I have ever come across. The name of the site is globaltestmarket . This sites pays you 5 cents for every 1 point that you accumulate. Each survey is worth 50 points at least if you are qualified. Even if you are not qualified it gives you 5 points for your time. I became a member of this site on 12/12/2004 and since then I have accumulated 9000 points which translates to 450$. After accumulating 1000 points you can redeem it for cash and within 6 weeks you get a check for $50. My suggestion to you is to try out this site and see for yourself.

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