Monday, September 10, 2007

A new invitation from Alphabuzz

Hi all,

This is a new invitation that I received from alphabuzz.

"I am a Research Coordinator for AlphaBuzz. I am contacting you about an interesting one on one interview we are conducting on internet financial services. If you qualify you will be invited to participate in a 45 min one on one interview on Thurs, Sept 20th with times during the day and evening in NYC.Qualified participants will be offered $100 to thank them for their time and input. As always, these are strictly for market research and no sales attempt will ever be made as a result of participating.

In order to speed up the process so you can plan your time I am asking all interested respondents to email me answers to the following questions.
1. A good daytime and evening telephone where you may be reached?
2. The city in which you live?

3. The name of your banking institution(s)?

4. Do you own your home or rent? "

If anyone is interested in this study please e-mail at

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