Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summary for the month of August

End of August is near, which means spring is officially over and autumn is about to begin. The leaves haven't started to change their color yet but its about time.We people in New York saw this change much earlier, as in it has been pouring/drizzling/pouring for past few days indicating spring days are over. So with this change I decided to change something in my blog too. From this month onwards, at or around the end of every month I am thinking of actually mentioning a summary of what I have earned from the survey sites in previous month.

So for the month of August my earnings are:

1)$20 Amazon Gift Certificate
2) Baker solutions (about which I have yet to write): $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
3) $10 Amazon Gift Certificate
4)$20 Check
5) $10 via paypal
6) $50 Check

So I made $120 in TOTAL including cash and gift certificates in the month of August. This is great. This will actually cover my AT&T/Cingular wireless bill of 68$ plus half a week's Grocery ( I usually spend $25/week on grocery, during the summer) and not only that with the $40 in Amazon Gift Certificate I bought a book "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (Hardcover - Oct 17, 2006) for $17 and a dictionary for $10 With free shipping (Super Saver by Amazon) and I still have like $13 balance in my amazon accoung. How much time did I spend to be able to get this much? Honestly 1-1.5 hr/day on an average. I do not want anybody to think that I want this to be my full-time profession. Hell No! This is just some extra cash so that I can surely do things that I like to do without thinking twice about money. You can do so many things with extra money. You can invest this money (which I plan to do sometime in near future), buy books (like I did), get small things every month, shopping, office supplies, pay some bills or save it for an year-end vacation. I know it is not too much cash but a little goes a long way. What do you say?
Next time I talk about one more great site which will be very useful for residents of NY, because this sites calls you for small 60-90 minutes interview and pays like $100/hr for your opinion. A little more about that next week.

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